Build Blog Traffic Fast

   Ok you're first hot trends blog is set up and ready for visitors to come and read your content and hopefully click on your money making links. So let's get some visitors. Obviously we want all we can get in a short period of time.

Since we can't really count on Google to index out blog within 24 to 48 hours, so we can start seeing some traffic from organic searches, we need to build some back links to our blog that will generate traffic to our post from people interested in the content.

Here's the formula:

More links from popular sites = higher search engine positions for your page.

But for our Purposes:

The initial traffic boost comes from people using Social Bookmarking sites INSTEAD of search engines. Why? Because millions of people have learned that people who are actual users and not machines do a much better job of categorizing topical RELEVANT information than search engines do. Not that they have stopped using search engines all together, but they have found that their favorite social bookmarking site(s) are a viable resource.

Some Hot Trends Linger

When a hot trend lingers (Stays hot for a week or 2), back links from popular sites to your hot trend blogs can make a significant difference. How does Social Bookmarking build or generate traffic to your hot trends blog? The top (PR-5 and above), Social Bookmarking sites are very popular and therefore just getting your blog URL, description of your content and tags (Keywords), generate traffic from the social bookmarking sites themselves.

Google sees links coming from the more popular sites as having more weight when listing your blog in search engine results. If you have done your hot trends research right, there will be some ongoing interest in your hot trend topic.

(Note: In case you are not aware, PR ratings are popularity ratings Google assigns to sites based on numerous attributes including traffic served, searches for, searches found and the relevancy of those searches.) The higher the PR rating, the more popular the site is and the higher the PR rating. The lowest rating is - 0 - and the highest is 10. Anything ranked above a PR-5 is pretty popular, PR-7 and above are VERY popular and therefore are a great sites to have links from, (In the form of bookmarks), back to your site/blog.

Link building is a natural by-product of social bookmarking sites. Since you are using your links and blog posts as leverage while you network, it becomes very simple to locate groups of interest, and then to proceed with sharing your links through article submissions and relevant posts.

You don't have to get carried away with putting together your profile page on these sites. Something simple will do. Why? Because your primary reason for setting up an account is to build back links, not to socialize or make friends.

Increasing links to your website can be done in a few different ways, without spamming:

o Commenting on blogs, articles, and posts and providing link back information of relevance which is your hot trends content.

o Making sure people are aware of information that you have posted, by copying and pasting the link on relevant discussions or comments at the blogs on the hot trend you researched.

These are all effective traffic builders for your website, and can start to spread the message about a particular about your take on a hot trend topic by getting your links to your hot trends blog post bookmarked into the top social bookmarking sites.

Google Trends: A Keyword Tool That Creates Money For You

You may have heard a difficult time looking for the perfect niche that it almost seems like eternity. Hence, you have decided to leave the online platform forever because you feel disillusioned and sad.

You just decided to wander this last bit, and as you would have it you stumbled on this article. Call it providence, luck or whatever-what I want to say to you is this: Chunk down this information and implement it and you would discover that MAKING MONEY online is not really impossible.

How I came about Google Trend Blogging

I came across a blog that changed my online fortune for ever leading me to make incremental hit on my blog- It was titled "Google trend and how to make it as a full time blogger"

Having read the post I decided to try out what the post said to see if what he said was true. And I discovered there was truth in what he said.

So in order to maximize the money making opportunities available in Google trend as a Nigerian, British, American, and Canadian below is the Step by step method of using Google trend.

1: Type-in Google Trend into your Systems Browser Window

2. Look Out for Hot Topics:

Under the hot topic categories: look for those topics which appear more than once or which may be somehow related.

Take note of the keyword from the hot topics as it would form the basis of your research.

3. Sieve the Topics:

Out of the selected hot topics seek for those topics that you have passion for-this is because when you are passionate about something it shows in your writing.

4. Do a Research

Having selected your hot topic, the next thing for you is to sit down and do a research on the keywords you selected in step 2. Look at blogs and websites that have said something about the keyword phrase and list them down. Try and view the articles from different angles this will make your research more worthwhile.

For example; if it's a celebrity scandal, you can try to dig up information of the person when he or she was much younger. Include this information in the research book.

5. Write your Article

Having done a quality research, your next step should be crafting an article; taking care that your keywords are inserted in the body of the article. In doing this make sure you don't spam your keyword. The information you collected should try to contain unique content. What I mean by unique is that your blog write up should contain information that most websites are not providing.

Let's consider the previous paragraph wherein I talked about a celebrity scandal. You would discover that in such a scenario most of the articles would contain only information about the scandal. The best way to make your content unique is to include interesting information about the person before the scandal.

6. Insert links to relevant post

Inserting links to relevant post can help you rank higher in the search engine especially when your site is a new one. To insert the link simply copy the text where you want to insert the link on the Microsoft Word Interface and right click. You will see the option hyperlink-select and put in the relevant address and you are good to go.

7. Publicize your Post:

There are various social media available for promoting your post. They include: Facebook, Twitter, weibo, Pinterest, Stumbleupon. You can use these platform to share your post; so doing you would see your traffic skyrocketing.


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